The Coalition for a Sustainable Production, supported by the Tropical Forest Alliance, promotes
from 2022 the implementation of the Cocoa, Forest and Diversity Agreement, which commits the
Peruvian cocoa supply chain to transit to a deforestation-free production. Currently, the
members of the Agreement agreed to accelerate the implementation to help with compliance of
the recent EU regulation on imported deforestation.

The cocoa agreement promotes the differentiation of Peruvian cocoa as sustainable, high
quality and with a free-deforestation origin. Today it gathers near 25 members belonging to
companies, smallholders association, civil society institutions and institutional governments.
At the beginning of April the members of the agreement met to review the progress and update
the action plan to 2026, considering a new context with the European regulation about imported
deforestation in commodities.

With the participatory work in plenary and in groups by priority, it was agreed to work on 5
priorities. The roadmaps by priority will culminate in the coming weeks with the participation of
private, public and civil society actors. , between members of the Agreement and allies.

Priority 1: Legal framework and regulations and procedures for the legalization of cocoa
Priority 2: Traceability, monitoring and georeferencing have the tools for georeferencing,
monitoring and traceability of non-deforestation on the farms of small cocoa producers.
Priority 3: Sustainable Production Cocoa producers have a service platform for
sustainable and deforestation-free production
Priority 4: Incentives have incentives for sustainable cocoa production free of
Priority 5: Communication and advocacy Peruvian cocoa maintains its markets and
positions itself as sustainable and deforestation-free


The workshop has broadened attendance and participation of the agreement parties, where
twenty of twenty four members from private, public and civil society were represented.

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