Geneva, 24 September 2020 – The Tropical Forest Alliance has launched today the Jurisdictional Approaches Resource Hub ( alongside the World Economic Forum's Sustainable Development Impact Summit 2020. This online interactive hub is designed to provide companies with access to practical tools and resources they need to take action in jurisdictional/landscape scale initiatives as they transition to deforestation-free supply chains. As part of the Jurisdictional Exchange Network, the hub serves a growing community of people and organizations who seek to advance jurisdictional approaches that support the responsible production and sourcing of forest-risk commodities.

At the heart of the hub is Landscape Scale Action for Forests, People and Sustainable Production – A Practical Guide for Companies. This interactive guide unpacks 20 concrete interventions companies can take in landscape and jurisdictional initiatives, describing real world examples, implementation guidance and the business case for action. The development of the Practical Guide was led by WWF and Proforest and draws on the collective expertise and experience of more than 30 TFA partners.

Company interest in working at a landscape level to address the loss of forests and other natural ecosystems has skyrocketed. To tackle commodity-driven deforestation at scale, companies have begun to incorporate landscape and jurisdictional approaches into their strategies – both individually and through precompetitive platforms like the Consumer Goods Forum Forest Positive Coalition of Action, the Soft Commodities Forum and the Cocoa & Forests Initiative. Companies still seek, though, “proof of concept” models to follow, replicate or adapt.

The Jurisdictional Approaches Resource Hub fills this gap by laying out, through a business lens, what companies have done and can do in practice to advance sustainable landscape and jurisdictional initiatives in commodity producing geographies.

In addition to the Practical Guide for Companies, the hub includes a wide range of knowledge resources including research, reports, news, events and webinar information. Practitioners are invited to submit their own related content for inclusion in the hub to

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