LandScale is looking for leaders in landscape sustainability to pilot a new approach to assess and credibly communicate impact. If you’re interested in becoming a LandScale Innovator, apply online by May 1st, 2020

For more information, please visit or contact us at

What does becoming a LandScale Innovator involve?

The LandScale assessment framework consists of a set of criteria and indicators to track landscape sustainability outcomes across a range of issues including environmental, socioeconomic, governance, and production. The new version of the assessment framework will be even more practical and relevant, thanks to feedback received in our first public consultation and field testing to date by our existing pilots.

The complete LandScale toolkit (coming soon) — which will also include an easy to use online platform and guidelines for verification of results and making claims — will help users better understand, measure, and communicate progress and trends at landscape scale.

Conveners of multi-stakeholder landscape initiatives, companies, donors and financial institutions can benefit greatly from becoming LandScale Innovators by:

  • Using v0.2 of the assessment framework to measure and improve landscape sustainability
  • Joining a global community of like-minded innovators driving improvements at scale
  • Being one of the first featured on the LandScale platform to share stories of impact
  • Providing valuable feedback and helping shape LandScale
  • Receiving guidance from the LandScale team throughout the process

To learn more, please join us for a live Q&A webinar with representatives from our Core Pilots program: 


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