The Tocache Jurisdictional Initiative is a multi-stakeholder alliance to promote the conversion of this province of San Martín (Peru) into a model of deforestation-free production in the Peruvian Amazon, supported by a shared vision, action plan, governance and landscape monitoring in four pillars: Environmental, Social, Productive and Governance.

The province of Tocache is one of the main cocoa and palm production areas in the Peruvian amazon. The landscape has an important presence of smallholder organizations and it is a sourcing area from cocoa bean exporters and palm oil processors.


The objective of the Tocache Jurisdictional Initiative is to convert this landscape into a future deforestation-free supply zone in Peru. To achieve it, an action plan has been designed. In addition, pilots and proof-of-concepts will be generated and funds will be promoted and mobilized, under a public-private governance scheme and landscape monitoring. Likewise, this will be accompanied by training for decision-making, knowledge management and a national and global communication campaign.


The initiative has been promoted within the framework of the Coalition for Sustainable Production (supported by TFA), with the leadership of Helvetas, the Earth Innovation Institute and the Earthworm Foundation.

The announcement event of the Jurisdictional Initiative of Tocache, held on June 2, was attended by the Regional Federation of Oil Palm (FREDEPALMA), Central de Cacao y Aroma, Cooperativa Agroindustrial Tocache, DeVida and the Regional Government of San Martín. In addition, civil society organizations such as Solidaridad and Proforest have expressed their support for the initiative.

About the Coalition for a Sustainable Production

Is a multi stakeholder platform that enables and promotes the transition towards a deforestation-free production. Today has around 50 members from traders, producer companies, smallholder associations, civil society organizations, academies and public sector institutions. This platform is supported by TFA from 2020.



Daniel Coronel | TFA Peru Coordinator 

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