About the Jurisdictional Exchange Network

Convened by the Tropical Forest Alliance, the Jurisdictional Exchange Network is a growing community of people and organizations actively engaged in advancing jurisdictional/landscape approaches to support the responsible production and sourcing of forest-risk commodities.

The goals of the Jurisdictional Exchange Network are to:

  • Elevate and advance the jurisdictional/landscape approach.
  • Support better alignment, build awareness of efforts underway and explore cross-cutting issues.
  • Mobilising private sector engagement in landscape/jurisdictional approaches.
The objectives of this webinar series:
  1. Create more connectivity amongst the community of practice working on jurisdictional/landscape approaches.
  2. Support better alignment of activities and initiatives underway.
  3. Explore cross-cutting issues and share best practice.
  4. Mobilise private sector engagement in jurisdictional/landscape approaches.


Past webinars

Upholding Human Rights in Jurisdictional Approaches: some emerging lessons

Global sustainability standards for commodities often go beyond the requirements of national laws. Jurisdictional approaches aim to apply these standards to all commodity producers in sub-national areas. In this webinar Forest Peoples Programme presents lessons emerging from a review of four jurisdictional approaches, in Sabah - Malaysia, West Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan – Indonesia - and Ecuadorian Amazonia. The studies reveal the vital importance of respecting human rights, especially to land, and the need for a resolution of land disputes, if sustainability criteria and development agency policies are to be upheld. With inputs from government and indigenous panelists from Malaysia and Indonesia, FPP staff will lead an exploratory and interactive discussion on how to make Jurisdictional Approaches human rights compliant. 

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How to make credible claims about jurisdictional progress.

As jurisdictional initiatives start to be implemented around the world, we are slowly building a body of evidence about what works. This is being captured in part by measurement frameworks like IDH Verified Sourcing Areas and LandScale. ISEAL is supporting such initiatives by building alignment around the monitoring and verification practices that need to inform credible sustainability claims made by jurisdictional initiatives and the companies that source from them. In this webinar, ISEAL will present core ideas captured in their draft Good Practice Guide and explore how these can be of value to those that are supporting or implementing jurisdictional initiatives. The webinar is part of an ongoing ISEAL consultation.

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A Closer Look: Produce, Conserve, Include (PCI) in Mato Grosso.

In this webinar, you will gain a better understanding of the ins and outs of Produce, Conserve, Include (PCI) in Mato Grosso, explaining the origins, how it was put together, the roles of key partners, the current governance model, measurement of progress against defined goals, etc. On the agenda are also concrete examples of private sector engagement in jurisdictional initiatives and how PCI ensures synergies with other platforms such as the VSA and CJA.

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Engaging with landscape initiatives – a practical guide for supply chain companies. Presented by ProForest.

The webinar introduces the process developed by ProForest to help companies identify where and how to engage with landscape and jurisdictional approaches. It highlights and draws lessons learnt from two different landscape initiatives – the Siak-Pelalawan coalition of palm oil companies and the Ghana Cocoa and Forests REDD+ Programme.

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An Overview of Select Jurisdictional Initiatives/Methodologies. Highlighting the IDH Verified Sourcing Areas (VSA), Rainforest Alliance’s LandScale assessment framework, and the Commodities/Jurisdictions Approach. You can find a recording of this webinar below or on YouTube.

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For any questions or suggestions regarding the Jurisdictional Exchange Network, please contact Leony Aurora at leony.aurora@weforum.org.

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