Private Sector Engagement in Landscape and Jurisdictional Initiatives: How companies can engage, and what claims can be made about their engagement?

Monday, 7 December 2020, 8am-9am EST / 2pm-3pm CET / 8pm-9pm WIB




Session Description

This session will deep-dive on practical ways that companies can engage in landscape and jurisdictional initiatives. Based on the interventions highlighted in Landscape Scale Action for Forests, People and Sustainable Production: A Practical Guide for Companies, participants will have an opportunity to hear directly from companies that have taken concrete action in key commodity-producing landscapes, and will become familiar with the structure of the guidance and how to use it. To complement learnings on the practical ways to engage, the ISEAL Alliance will introduce their Good Practice Guide on the Verification of Jurisdictional Claims which will be followed by an information discussion of what kinds of claims companies can make, and the type and quality of data they are looking for about jurisdictional performance.

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