Financial institutions are in a privileged position to help transition high-risk sectors away from deforestation and make a critical contribution to protecting and restoring biodiversity and ecosystems. By delivering effective and innovative financial solutions in the land use sector, lenders and investors can contribute to the implementation of biodiversity and climate commitments while minimizing physical, regulatory, and financial risks resulted from deforestation linked to commodity production.


This dialogue will discuss how to capitalise on business opportunities and what actions leading financial and corporate players are taking to halt deforestation and protect biodiversity. It will showcase:

  • Examples of innovative financial structures that are emerging and successful solutions to enable greater investment in sustainable agriculture business models.
  • The role of catalytic capital to support the transition to sustainable agricultural systems, as well as the main barriers and opportunities to unlock this capital.
  • A newly launched impact indicators guidelines applicable to innovative financial mechanisms in agriculture, such as farm loans, securitized agricultural receivables, and farmland investment funds


Ultimately, the dialogue aims to steer a collective effort within the financial sector and to explore ways to expand the flow of capital to sustainable business models in the land use sector.


Date: Sunday, December 11th, 2022

Time: 10:00-10:45 CET

Place: Hub Space, Place Québec


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