Brazilian FACT Webinar*

Payments for Environmental Services: the New Frontier for Brazilian Soybeans

How Payments for Environmental Services can lead to positive Productivity and Environmental Quality outcomes


In 2020, TFA began a series of sectorial dialogues for soy involving key actors in the chain, with the objective of debating and agreeing on a public-private partnership to increase productivity and environmental quality in Brazilian soy production. As first results, it was agreed that this partnership should focus on a clear policy to encourage producers to improve their production and environmental practices, while leveraging the opportunities surrounding the growing carbon market and other environmental services.

To promote this agenda, TFA, in partnership with Techsocial and Sumitomo Chemical, developed the Brazil Soy PES project with the aim of investigating methodologies for the verification and pricing of environmental services such as elementary carbon, water and biodiversity in 52 soy properties in the municipality of Balsas, in the Maranhão state. Brazil Soy PES concluded the first cycle with the successful payment of environmental services to these producers.

This webinar will share the results of Brazil Soy PES in the broader context of public-private partnership, bringing the perspective of the main actors involved in Brazil Soy PES, and, together with other key public and private actors in the soy chain, reflect on the challenges and opportunities for scaling up this proposal towards a more positive future for Brazilian forests and agriculture.


Global and regional leaders from the public and private sectors involved in the soy chain, as well as in the development of carbon markets and other environmental services as leverage for increasing productivity and environmental quality in Brazilian agribusiness

  • Minister Teresa Cristina, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply of Brazil
  • Minister Joaquim Pereira Leite, Minister of Environment of Brazil (to be confirmed)
  • Justin Adams, Director of the Tropical Forest Alliance
  • Fernando Manzeppi, President of Sumitomo Chemical Brazil
  • Fábio Luiz Guido, Climate Risk Team Leader of Banco Itaú
  • André Nassar, President of ABIOVE
  • Ricardo Arioli Silva, President of the National Commission of Cereals, Fibers and Oilseeds of CNA - National Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock of Brazil

* The Webinar is part of a series of Sectoral Dialogues whose results are systematized in the PSA Soja Brasil Public-Private Roadmap. The Roadmap is divided into 3 workstreams: Public Policy, Producer Engagement, and Carbon and Biodiversity Market. The first systematizes public policy recommendations that will provide legal security to the proposal. It is in this context, that it has been addressed to the Brazilian Government in connection FACT Campaign - Forest, Agriculture & Commodity Trade, promoted by the UK Government as a platform for dialogue between governments and civil society actors towards the COP-26.



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