What is the Global Multi-stakeholder Taskforce?

TFA has convened a global Taskforce who will ensure that the voices, insights and recommendations of ALL involved in commodity supply chains - producers, consumers and local communities – are channeled into government-to-government dialogues in an effective way.

Objectives of the Taskforce are:
  • To collect and coordinate views/action from regional and national stakeholders outside of government

  • To channel knowledge, feedback and recommendations from leading business and civil society into the G2G process

  • To identify and showcase leading initiatives and good practices

The Taskforce will be Co-chaired by:
Fabiola Muñoz Fabiola Muñoz
Justin Adams Justin Adams
Marcello Britos Marcello Brito
André Guimarães André Guimarães
Pablo Montoya Pablo Montoya
Agus Purnomo Agus Purnomo
Perpetua George Perpetua George
Samuel Avaala Samuel Avaala
Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim
Robert Yapo Assamoi Robert Yapo Assamoi
Wei Peng Wei Peng
Fang Li Fang Li
Chris McGrath Chris McGrath
Bertrand Swiderski Bertrand Swiderski
Ruth Kimmelshue Ruth Kimmelshue
My-Linh Ngo My-Linh Ngo
Christopher Wells Christopher Wells
Sabine Miltner Sabine Miltner
Sir Graham Wynne Sir Graham Wynne
Cris Close Cris Close
Daan Wensing Daan Wensing
Toby Gardner Toby Gardner
Bibi Gonzalez Bibi Gonzalez
Sir Ian Cheshire Sir Ian Cheshire
Diane Holdorf Diane Holdorf
Irene Suárez Irene Suárez
Kamal Seth Kamal Seth
Clea Paz-Rivera Clea Paz-Rivera


About FACT Dialogue

The FACT (Forest, Agriculture and Commodity Trade) Dialogue are an initiative launched by COP26 Presidency and TFA, to accelerate the transition towards more sustainable land use practices.

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About FACT Dialogues
The Process

The Process

See the proposed multi-stakeholder consultation process. It outlines an initial phase that started in 2020 and the launch of the dialogue initiatives from and during 2021.

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The Taskforce

TFA has convened a global Taskforce that will ensure that the voices, insights, and recommendations of ALL involved in commodity supply chains are effectively channeled into G2G dialogues.

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The Taskforce
The Outputs

The Outputs

The outputs of the FACT Dialogue multi-stakeholder consultation process are available here, and more are on the way. 

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As part of the Multi-Stakeholder Consultation process, we are keen to hear opinions, voices and insights from across the forest, agriculture and commodity trade sectors - from both consumer and producer perspectives, from regional and local stakeholders, from businesses large and small, and civil society.

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